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Uniresearch & Innovation

We are commitment to pursue continuous research and innovate medical devices that would benefit the society as a whole. We also enable our research teams to discover new insights that would enhance the lifestyle and living of patients and caregivers.

Medical innovations are aimed to improve the human living condition to promote a healthier and greater quality of life. With these medical innovations, we are able to overcome the past impossibilities and open opportunity for the future. Here we are not only focus on development of products but also ensuring that it is affordable to all consumers. Our clients are generally government hospitals as well as private hospitals.

Moving forward, our emphasis on innovation will help us to produce greater change in important areas including prevention, more personalized care tailored specifically to a patient’s needs, more efficient and proactive technology-enabled care models and more integrated and comprehensive delivery organizational designs. We are also aiming at a more effective health encounters by hospitals to patients, third party to consumers, etc. 

To focus on new improved technology-driven innovation that would improve the living and life-style of its users in an efficient, effective and cost saving manner.

To improve access, increase efficiency, eliminate waste, and lower costs of each innovation for the benefit of the users.

Our Product

Bed Alarm

Our Bed Alarm is designed aimed to :

  1. Eliminate falls by patients or older people as the hospital nurses/caregiver will be notified when the person gets up from their bed
  2. To increase the productivity of hospital nurses/caregivers as they do not have monitor the patient physically and able to handle more patients at once.
  3. Increase confidence level by the patient’s family as they are assured that their loved ones are monitored all the time.
  4. Provide a smart and wireless system that is easy and convenient to use without much training.
  5. Able to customized the bed alarm usage based on the needs of each hospitals/facilities

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